Payments and Finance

Payments and Finance

Initial payments, and monthly rent. What are included in the initial payment?

Initial payments include the following:

  • First month’s rent (pro-rata)
  • Second month’s rent
  • Maintenance fee
  • Refundable deposit
  • Key money
  • Guarantor fee
  • Agent fee
  • Fire insurance

The following may be charged at move-in or when moving out:

  • House cleaning / Sanitation fee
  • Lock change fee

Initial payments are usually payable via bank transfer or by cash.

Monthly rents are paid in advance and due dates are stated in the lease agreement (i.e. by 25th of every month, or end of the month etc.). Rents are paid via bank transfer which you may set up automatic deduction.

Last month’s rent is usually paid in full. Unlike the first month’s rent that it is pro-rated on daily base, last months rent is paid until the end of the month. You will need to give advance notice of at least 30days before moving out. Some places implement 2months notice etc. therefore you need to be careful. Terms and conditions for giving notice is also stated in the lease agreement.