1. We speak English. The focus of our business is on English speaking customers.
  2. We are familiar with the expectations of international customers. We understand your requirements and your frustration with some local customs.
  3. Our local market expertise is in the places international clients like to live: Sannomiya, Rokko, Okamoto, Ashiya, and Nishinomiya; between the mountains and the JR line. Kyoto is another location we also work on Specialty Property such as KYOMACHIYA and TRADITIONAL JAPANESE ESTATE.
  4. We use the nationwide real estate agents network, so we have instant access to all the registered properties.

What are the fees for renters or landlords?

Our charge for renters or landlords is one month’s rent plus consumption tax. These are standard real estate agents fees.

What is key money?

Key money is a kind of gift money, or non-refundable deposit called Reikin, tenants pay to a landlord when they move in. In Kobe it is typically two to three times the monthly rent. In our view key money is rent by another name. If key money disappeared, average rents would increase to cover the shortfall.

Can you negotiate key money?

Sometimes. The amount of key money is negotiable, but landlords often insist on it. Landlords with easy-to-let properties have no incentive to negotiate it away. Landlords with harder to let properties can be persuaded to negotiate. It is usually difficult to reduce key money for low rent properties and easier in the higher rent bracket.

What areas do you cover?

For residential transactions we cover the area from Kobe to Nishinomiya , including Sannomiya, Kitano-cho, Rokko, Okamoto and Ashiya. For other services we cover a wider area.

Where do we start?

Contact us without obligation and tell us what you are looking for. We have access to the details of most of the available property on the market. The first step is for you to let us know what you are looking for and we will send you the details of a selection of property. Click here to send us details of your search via our online application form.

What are business hours?

We open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. For those people who are busy during week we also work on Sundays on client’s request. So please do not hesitate to let us know your convenient schedule.