Sannomiya area
Sannomiya area

Sannomiya Area

A town full of exoticism, where you can enjoy everything, such as shopping, gourmet food and night views.

Sannomiya is a heart of Kobe City and a lively shopping district. Department stores are gathering around Kobe Sannomiya Center Street and Sannomiya Station. In the underground called “Sanchika”are filled with shops, cafe and restaurants. Since it is an underground mall, you can enjoy shopping even in bad weather. There are many choices of Kobe beef restaurants. The neon-lit skyscrapers are crowded with small pubs and music clubs. Kobe is surrunded by sea and mountain, people often explain direction saying “sea side” or “mountain side.

If you go to Motomachi area which is next to Sannomiya is also famous for shopping street that bears its name, lined with upscale department stores and Japanese fashion boutiques. Motomachi was regarded as a foreign settlement when the port opened, is an area where many Western-style houses of the time remain. In addition to China Town, there are many gourmet spots such as sweets and famous bread shops.

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