Okuike area
Okuike area

Okuike Area

Okuike is protected and luxury residential area in Ashiya City.

Okuike is a high-class residential area that doubles as a summer resort, located on the hillside of Mt. Rokko at an altitude of about 500 meters.

The''Ashiari Driveway'', which connects the Ashiya city area to the back seat in Arkansas and Arima in the Kansai area for about 10 km in 20 minutes, runs through, and from the Higashi Rokko Observatory located at an altitude of 645 m, you can see from the Osaka plain to Osaka Bay and Kobe Port.
The ordinance has been properly enacted by the administration, and it is unusual for Japan to have a fixed lot of land, and it is not possible to cut trees or set up signs without permission.
It is a miracle that the landscape and living environment are protected. Even in the same luxury residential area, the Okuike district is exceptional. It is a particularly beautiful city.

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